Home Office

Finding a place for a mini home office can be very difficult. However, calling on creativity and inspiration to help, any corner can be turned into a study. And the following 15 ideas will make this task easier.

Everything in its place

When it comes to arranging a home office, the question immediately arises: “Where to store all these folders, documents and necessary supplies?” In this case, bespoke corner shelving and wall cabinets are ideal. They will also decorate the room, giving it a more open look.

Miniature library

You can go beyond your usual workplace and turn part of the room into a cozy reading corner. All you need for this is an armchair, a coffee table, a table lamp (or floor lamp) and, of course, a small shelf for storing your favorite books.

Home Office Home Office

For pleasant conversations

If you prefer the company of close friends to the company of books, then turn your small office into an elegant and calm place. Add a couple of chairs and a stylish table and you have a complete reception area.

Home Office Home Office

Fire decor

A fireplace will help create a truly magical atmosphere in a makeshift study. In such an environment, it will look especially dazzling. And there is no need to worry about extra square meters, because the hearth can be used as a TV stand.

Home Office Home Office

Union with a guest room

The combination of an office and a guest room is very popular and has many practical benefits. And so that such a combination does not bring inconvenience, put a folding bed and a couch that will not take up space unnecessarily.

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Greening course

What else will refresh the room, if not indoor plants? And it’s not just aesthetics. They will rid the office of harmful toxins and create a healthier environment.

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A step towards nature

You can also add freshness to the space by installing additional windows. They can be of any shape and size: from miniature windows to giants all over the wall. In those homes where the office opens onto a courtyard with a garden or pool, sliding glass doors will fall into place.

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