Loft beds have been always a perfect space-saver solution for small rooms, but nowadays they are not only used in kids and teen bedrooms but also for adults living in studios and very small interiors. Whether with one or two places, they can be used for one or two persons thanks to different sizes available from 90x190cm to 140x200cm. As for practicality, loft beds allow to install furniture or sometimes arrange a nice small useful area like a coffee table with some chairs for example. Some beds include also in addition to sleeping, sofa or desk in their lower part.

As for style, there are two materials frequently used in loft beds; wood and steel or metal. In oak, the loft bed give a warm & natural look while in other colors like black or white for example, it give a more contemporary look. In steel or metal, lacquered or matte, the loft bed is more urban in its colors and its often dark tubular structure. Finally, some brands such as Espace Loggia stand out by offering fully retractable beds. They can be lowered to the ground and then reassembled to the ceiling by a system of runners; Prices are therefore higher than a traditional loft bed.