bed under the ceiling

A bed under the ceiling is an excellent solution for equipping a sleeping place in a small living space, especially if there is no separate bedroom. The space vacated under the bed can be conveniently used to install a sofa, coffee table, children’s play area. You can leave this space free and significantly relieve the interior of the room.

Pros and cons

A sleeping place located under the ceiling has its own advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include:

  • significant space savings;
  • no problems with choosing a berth;
  • quick assembly and disassembly (if the model is mobile);
  • the ability to create an unusual design in the room.

bed under the ceiling

Disadvantages of installing a bed under the ceiling:

  • installing such a bed is not a cheap pleasure;
  • installation and dismantling of the structure is very difficult, so you will have to contact specialists;
  • a bed under the ceiling contributes to the visual reduction of the room;
  • too impressionable people may think that the structure is capable of collapsing and injuring someone.

bed under the ceiling

Types and modern models

All beds that can be installed under the ceiling differ in their design. Depending on the type chosen, a one-room apartment can be equipped with a sleeping place for a child, one or more adults, or a couple. It is more convenient to choose the right model from the photo. There are the following types of beds.

  • Bunk

Such a bed consists of two berths located one above the other. For the convenience of lifting, it is equipped with a front or side ladder. Bunk beds are available for both children and adults. This option is very convenient, in which there is a double bed at the bottom, and on top there is a place for one person.

bed under the ceiling

  • Suspended

In this case, the berth is fixed to the wall or ceiling using special pipes, ropes, metal chains or cables. The ladder can be rigid or rope. The LED lighting under the bed will help to decorate the room in an unusual way, which will create the impression of a “floating” bed.

bed under the ceiling

  • French

The bed under the ceiling in the French style will perfectly fit into the interior of a modern apartment. It is equipped with a lifting mechanism fixed to the ceiling or wall, thanks to which the sleeping place can be lowered and raised to the required height. If you install LED lighting in its lower part, it will decorate the interior of the room in an original way when the bed is in the upper position.

bed under the ceiling

  • Loft bed

This model is ideal for equipping a children’s corner in a small room. The sleeping place here can be combined with other pieces of furniture: a desk, a wardrobe, shelves for books. The ladder in this model can be removable or fixed.

bed under the ceiling

Installation features

The bed under the ceiling refers to specialized furniture that should be made to order. Installation and installation must also be carried out by specialists. In an apartment with high ceilings, it is better to use rigid rails for fixing the bed so that the sleeping place is motionless. In this case, each time you will have to attach a ladder to climb up.

You can choose a movable model that is installed on the guide rails. To control such a bed, a special electronic remote control is used. A less expensive option is to install a berth on high legs.

A bed under the ceiling allows you to save room space. Additional space is freed up for the installation of a recreation area, a table or a workplace. Before installing such a bed, be sure to make sure that the concrete floor is capable of withstanding a heavy load.

bed under the ceiling