Georgian Interior Design
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How To Create A Home In Georgian Interior Design

Pioneer brightening started as a rural, hand-assembled, and solid design that developed more than 300 years into an incredibly fancy and extravagant style. This Georgian Interior Design style started with provincial preferences since it begins back to the principal American pilgrims in the seventeenth Century—pioneers who were woodworkers and made their own furnishings. These pilgrims …

Wall Parquet
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Wall Parquet

We all have an idea of ​​wooden lining, but few people know about wall parquet. This material is essentially a kind of lining made of wood. Wall parquet is relatively inexpensive and makes it possible to decorate any room in an original way. Types of wall parquet Parquet for walls is available both in single …

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Kitchen 7 sq.m. – Layout Options

Today, using the example of several planning solutions for kitchens with an area of ​​7 sq. M. we will show you how you can beat the situation with maximum benefit. A few general kitchen recommendations For a kitchen of 7 sq.m. furniture (bottom row of cabinets) with a depth of 40-50 cm should be installed. …

Repair Work
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Sequence Of Repair Work

Homeowners should be aware of the procedure for carrying out repair work in order to avoid mistakes, as well as to prevent the negligence of workers if the company is still not the most reliable one. So let’s go: Partitions and coverings Most of the dirt and dust occurs when breaking old partitions and removing …

How To Fit
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How To Fit 8 People On 30 m²

An apartment in a tourist area is rented to vacationing families. Therefore, the architects of the studio Structura Architects provided for eight sleeping places but carefully disguised them. Try to find it! At first, the apartment seems like an ordinary apartment for a couple. A double bed was placed closer to the window. There are …