dressing room

Organizing a dressing room and an open closet in the bedroom is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for many of us.

It is important for homeowners not only to preserve the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the premises, but also to make the most of the space in the boudoir.

Such furniture items are often left unclaimed due to our inability to eliminate clutter and maintain a neat appearance in the wardrobe.

However, nowadays the needs of many people are changing dramatically, some need a lot of storage space for shoes and toilets, while others can get by with a laconic metal hanger for placing coats and dresses.

Wonderful solutions for transforming apartments and creating an organized appearance in the dressing room are three models of creative furniture from Alf Italia. They will be able to make the life of homeowners much easier, and also perfectly transform the design of the apartment.

dressing room

The brand’s product collection includes several headset options called Smart, Store and Mixer.

All of these unique and multifunctional designs can be used as open shelving and dressing rooms, depending on how much space customers have.

These modern and practical products can perfectly complement simple plain walls, as well as transform the decoration into a delightful and ergonomic wardrobe with various shelves, cabinets and racks that will help to hide all items of clothing, accessories and shoes.

Add a pair of glass sliding doors to this headset and you can transform your home decor with incredible charm and amazing comfort.

dressing room dressing room dressing room dressing room

When designing your own home or apartment, you can mix and match the various design elements of these three separate practical models to achieve exclusive and creative interior design.

Add bright and colorful colors of front doors to the stylistic execution of the headset, and you can form a bedroom that easily combines beauty and functionality.

Use a free wall surface to form a stunning cabinet with numerous shelves, drawers and niches. You can show all your imagination and imagination when creating your own composition, and bright front doors will give the decoration a special expressiveness and drama.

dressing room dressing room dressing room dressing room dressing room

We have brought to your attention a gorgeous and stunning selection of stylistic options for the open wardrobe from Alf Italia in the bedroom, which can fill the atmosphere of the apartment with aesthetic appeal and a special magnetic charm.

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