Practical furniture became an essential need and an important element with nowadays small interiors. That’s why we present you in this post a collection of functional and multi-purpose furniture to inspire you by some creative ideas to deal with small space problem. In a teen room, a rectangular cabinet can also works as a cozy single bed and a comfortable study desk as well; this space saver furniture is very interesting as it doesn’t take but only the space of the rectangular cabinet, when it’s time to study you simply pull the hanged panel and you get a comfortable study desk and when it’s time to sleep, just return the panel into its first position and then pull out the frontal of the cabinet so you get a cozy bed for one person. Sofa beds are another example for multi-purpose furniture, also the hidden bed behind the bookcase or TV cabinet in living room. Many other creative ideas are presented in this collection; all are practical, comfortable, space-saver and good looking with stylish contemporary designs.