Today we are going to show you nice living room with different styles designed by HGTV. They are so fantastic each style has its features; in photos below you can see how they are so fantastic and elegant in same time. If you like Mid-century modern style you will find it with HGTV, it is feature with its simplicity and natural shape, you can see how the designer how bring the outdoor area to indoor by using open floor plan and ample windows , it gives your living room fantastic look also the fireplace is fantastic with nice bricks surround it. If you like oriental designs especially the Asian style you can find here, you will see how the designer used blue-white wares porcelain, bamboo shades that the Asian style characteristic with it , brass sculptures and nice gold sofa , so the designer really success in creating Asian atmosphere in this living room. If you looking for contemporary living room, you should take care that your living room be softened as you can see in photos below, you can use nice comfort sofa in L-shape with very simple table in middle, it can be also opened with your dinning room as you see in photos below. If you confused which style you want, so you can be eclectic, it is mixture styles but in similar finish, color, texture and pattern. So below you will find lots of photos full of different styles that you can take a look and inspire your own living room you like, enjoy.