Are you looking for organizing your books and want some new ideas to how you can store it in elegant way? Here below you can see different ideas that can help you in building nice bookshelves, you can make your book shelves the focal point of your room you can add many shelves from floor till ceiling it will give you big space of storage and you can store your books in easy way. Built in bookcases is so elegant and add to your living room very incredible look, it contain cupboard unit and underneath unit to storage non decorative ideas. You can also your awkward in fantastic way by filing it with bookshelves; it will give your room elegant and new look. If you have piano place the wall behind it you can use as book shelves also from bottom to top and you can add books in bottom shelves and use top shelves for decoration stuff, it will give you heavy look . You can add touch of style to your bookshelves by adding molding; you can make one shelf with arch detail to add new style for book shelves. Also your guest room can has big book shelves behind bed with nice swing arm lamps to make reading easy for anyone want to read before sleep. Also if you have fireplace in your living room you can surround it with shelves as in classic style it will give your living room very wonderful look.