Are you going to redecorate your living room looking for new ideas? Here in photos below you can find different ideas for nice and fantastic living rooms. You can have beautiful living room with easy tips like you can paint half of your living room’s wall with bright blue and the other half in wood to give you new look, you can add nice green comfort sofa has very nice pillows with different colors and two chairs one of them padded and covered with striped fabric to add fantastic touch to your living room, you can add in middle two bamboo box as coffee table also beside your sofa you can add nice side table with a lamp and you can hang nice three frames on wall behind your sofa to give you nice look. Also in your living room you can have place for simple desk to make your simple paper work and it also good for paying bills, you can add also in your desk long mirror and nice lamp as beautiful touch for your living room, the edge of wood that cover half of your living room walls can use to add your pictures frame as nice idea of decoration. You can connect your living room with dining room by using blue color for walls and wainscot as living room, you can add beautiful cabinets with glass doors as storage space in dining space, you can add beautiful round table with wood chairs to give you beautiful look. So take a look in photos below and see how to create nice living room as you wish with nice steps.