As usual, IKEA presents most practical furniture designed in an attractive modern style with simple lines & stylish shapes. IKEA dining collection for 2011 offers some fashionable designs to decorate your dining room with a beautiful contemporary look. This collection includes dining tables in different sizes to suit all spaces, for very small spaces IKEA present some stylish black tables in a small rectangular shape with two colorful chairs; it’s so pretty, practical and doesn’t occupy but a minimum of space.

The white table with bamboo chairs looks awesome; it’s so cheerful &delightful and can match with any modern interior, this kind of tables is also perfect for opening spaces as it would look so pretty with any living room and work as a separator between kitchen and living. Another elegant style presented in this collection is the large brown table with beige chairs; this one is so simple yet so chic with this nice matching of colors and elegant chairs design, it can be excellent in a separate dining room or combined with living & kitchen in an opening space.