From IKEA catalogue for 2012, we selected to you this interesting collection of beautiful bedroom designs. IKEA 2012 bedroom designs are still simple, contemporary with a lot of functionality, and we can see this clearly through the usage of some practical accessories such as the big drawers under beds which are perfect for storage especially for the bedding sheets and blankets, also the shelves and racks that decorate the bedrooms all over the walls and help in easier storage. IKEA also presents in this collection some nice wardrobes in different models; there is the classic wardrobe in many sizes and there are more functional ones looking like a dressing room in a smaller version; those are very practical with all the useful accessories like boxes and special drawers, they are available as open or closed by a curtain. Wrought iron beds are still trendy at IKEA as well as some classic yet simple bedrooms, but the most presented are the modern bedrooms in wood, light and dark colors.