Own Decorating Style

Thinking over the design, it is better to do something personal, unique, something of your own, adhering to the general style direction, close to you in spirit and feeling. At the same time, you can use modern materials and original accessories, trying to achieve the feeling in the elements and general motives that, in your personal opinion, corresponds to the chosen style.

The interior is evaluated primarily from the point of view of the combination of elements within it, the integrity of its composition and internal logic. And only then this whole whole picture is pulled up to the closest style and is recorded in its representatives with or without reservations. Thus, when creating your own interior, you need to start not from any catchy word, but from the general image, trying it on yourself and your home.

The arrangement of furniture and accessories matters

It’s one thing when everything is tastefully distributed and expresses a certain idea, and it looks completely different if the work was done haphazardly, just to fill the voids. Anything that you don’t like should be removed, except, of course, that which is something dear to other family members.

Spend one or two days off revising your collections. Sift all photos, memorabilia, souvenirs through a sieve of personal emotion and sentimentality. Set aside the most significant things for later use as elements of interior decoration, bringing in particles of soulfulness and humanity.

Postcards and stamps are suitable for decoration – you can create table and wall compositions from them. It is advisable to choose spectacular colors or textures as a background for these objects. A selection of family photos in the appropriate beautiful frames looks good. This is, one might say, a small art-historical gallery within the walls of your home.

Own Decorating Style

Use different materials / textures

Curtains, bedspreads, pillows and tablecloths form an image no less than wallpaper and furniture. When choosing them, you need to take into account everything to the smallest detail: the color scheme, and the pattern, and the texture – all this should not get out of your overall style.

For the safari style, for example, leather and fur things with a pattern resembling the color of animals are the best suited. But they will be completely illogical for ethnic styles, where it is necessary to rather use drawings that correspond to the national motives of the country, which is the leitmotif of the interior.

Own Decorating Style

Choosing a color to match your wardrobe

Many interior designers offer a look at your wardrobe. If you are conservative in your clothes, then there is no need to paint walls and furniture in bright flashy colors. If, however, your closets have bright and fashionable items of clothing, then the quiet, muted tones of the interior do not quite suit you. The inevitable conclusion follows from this: dress your house the way you dress yourself.

Own Decorating Style

Experiment with shapes

Each style and direction is characterized by some general forms and moments, or even the elements used.

If we cite the variants of the English style as an example, then this element will be carved wood that dominates the interior (wooden furniture legs of complex shape and exquisite cornices). This style allows for a large library, where books are arranged on luxurious wooden shelves.

And for the high-tech style, on the contrary, the complete absence of everything “superfluous” is characteristic. Smooth planes without additional patterns and reliefs, and combinations based on the difference in materials, and not on their decor. If it is necessary to place a library in such an interior, then, most likely, it should be behind a closed door.

Own Decorating Style

Feel free to showcase your hobbies

If you are writing music or doing sports at home, it is better if your walls have additional soundproofing. Think about your neighbors! If you are a fashion designer and artist, do not forget about the workshop, and if you are bringing guests, then plan your living room in a club style. And if you are a writer or academician, then think about where the library will be located in your house. Let the people who come to your house guess what you are doing.

You can use your work in decorative elements. It can be either a diploma or a certificate, or paintings, or designer crafts on the walls. Create your world, make it so that you feel good and comfortable in it, and your profession received a certain boost in this world, thanks to a properly selected interior.

Own Decorating Style

Don’t be afraid to combine styles

Trust me, it’s perfectly okay when you like multiple styles at once. Purism in creating your own interior (also with your own hands) is the most difficult path. Relax and allow yourself to love the variety. In the end, eclecticism looks not only spectacular and bold, but also creates real household comfort.

Own Decorating Style

Be original

As a rule, apartments and houses of extraordinary personalities, not necessarily famous or very successful, but having their own vision of the world, themselves and their home, are remembered for their individuality. Note that the search and expression of one’s essence through the interior does not at all speak of narcissism. Elementary attention to the conditions in which we spend most of our lives is akin to taking care of our own health. It’s as natural as, say, running in the morning and eating healthy foods.

Own Decorating Style

Add art elements to the interior

Art is key to interior design. One of the golden rules for placing art in an interior is restraint. Do not overdo it with an abundance of tapestries, paintings and sculptures, art should be an accent, otherwise you risk turning your home into a junk shop.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix different styles. A figurine in the style of primitive art is perfect for modern design, and antique sculpture for Art Deco. Try to dilute the interior with interesting and unusual things to make the room look more comfortable.

In short, let your imagination run wild, be honest and get ready to experiment to create your Own Decorating Style! Then the interior will turn out to be authentic and individual, comfortable and stylish, and you will feel at home here. And this, ultimately, is your main goal.

Own Decorating Style