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The child’s room is his world, where he spends most of the time, sleeps, plays develop. When making renovations, many parents would like to move away from the standard design. Wall murals in the nursery are one of the most affordable ways to transform the personal space of kids. When choosing an original finish, it is important to take into account all the nuances – age characteristics and interests of a son or daughter, color, plot, and a safe basis.

Benefits of using photo wallpaper in a children’s room

The tastes of children and parents rarely coincide; they change with age. The advantage of photo wall-paper is that it can always be re-glued – a “wall picture” occupies only one wall.

It is useless to punish young artists who paint with a marker on the wallpaper. It is much wiser to offer them a wallpaper of “decorations” in the game corner, showing a personal example. Any photo wallpaper is a great solution when you need to hide children’s scribbles on one of the walls.

The atmosphere in the baby’s bedroom should be soothing. Some children fall asleep quickly, others go to bed for a long time, looking at the “picture” on the wall in the light of a night lamp. A small child will not be able to justify his dissatisfaction with the color of the walls or ceiling.

Photo Wallpaper

What plots should you choose?

Excessive parental pragmatism often interferes with making a purchase – instead of a dynamic child’s drawing, they prefer a landscape or still life. It is worth thinking about “how will this wallpaper look in my interior”, “will they please children”?

It makes sense to compromise and buy a photo wallpaper where a little son and daughter will recognize birds, cats, cartoon characters. The stylistic solution of the interior should fade into the background when it comes to the emotional background of the play space. For a teenager, the priority is the general theme of design, for example, “space” or “club life”.

Photo Wallpaper

Depending on the gender of the child

Psychologists say that abstract drawing and dull shades are not the best choices for the wall of a child’s room. The palette should be moderate, with clear color gradation. At preschool age, it is not necessary to separate the background of the wallpaper according to the type “pink – for a girl” and “blue – for a boy.” These colors affect the psyche of babies in different ways:

  • pink and red shades – energetic, awakening processes of arousal;
  • blue and blue color soothes, harmonizes, includes inhibition processes, and even lulls you to sleep.

It is important to take into account the personal preferences of children, especially when their room is divided in two by zoning. Children of different sexes may have their own favorite subjects at the bedside. Linking plots is not always justified, the emotional mood of each child should be a priority.

Photo Wallpaper

How to choose the wallpaper for a boy’s room?

Color is of great importance – it affects the child’s psyche and subconsciousness, determines the emotional background. For a boy with a retarded reaction, you can choose something active, with a red accent. For example, murals with Spider-Man, the idol of many children.

A green background is considered universal, but personal preference is also important when it comes to choosing large objects in photo wallpaper. Perhaps the child has long liked a red car from the cartoon “Cars” or a yellow convertible. Give your son a “luxurious” gift for the entire end wall.

Photo Wallpaper

How to choose a wallpaper for a nursery girls?

For an overly active girl, a neutral background is needed, a cold gamma of the spectrum is in preference. A landscape from the cartoon “Shrek” with a castle against the background of a cloudless sky, a blue sea from “The Little Mermaid” or a fairy-tale princess in a lilac dress will do. It is important that the girl likes the film itself.

It will be a surprise for the daughter to offer herself to choose a “picture” so that she will soon see it on her wall. This is a great birthday present.

Photo Wallpaper

According to age

Age characteristics play a decisive role. Kids don’t even perceive some colors – lilac and purple scare them, creates discomfort. But he is preferred by school-age children and young girls.

Choosing a color and a plot for crumbs

The kid should not be confused by incomprehensible objects, too bright a palette, or aggressive emotions. It is better to choose photomurals with cartoon characters that the kid recently watched, recognizes, and rejoices when “meeting” in the next series. Universal themes:

  • cartoons;
  • flower meadows;
  • houses;
  • air balloons.

Pink pigs or yellow minions seem attractive to young children, even if they don’t understand the film’s storyline. Favorite color will be a priority, perhaps in 1-2 years, the baby will recognize the familiar “picture” by the bed on the screen.

Photo Wallpaper

For teenagers

Children of senior school age have already decided on their interests. Give “Paris” to young women of fashion, young men like to imitate the “tough guys” from action movies. It would not hurt for parents to clarify what exactly should suit their teenager for the design of the room.

For preschool children

Cartoon characters are a world of children’s fantasies. Today, many are passionate about Dinosaurs and Unicorns. A calm palette and a recognizable image are excellent solutions for a young fan of fairy-tale animals.

Photo Wallpaper