The centerpiece is the eye-catching element on the dining table; take a look on these attractive ideas to help you creating a very charming look to your dining table. When we say centerpiece, the first choice that came to mind is flowers; flowers would never be unfashionable, in fact it’s the best way to bring freshness and delight to a dining table, but you can be innovative in the way of arrangement to match with a modern interior look . For more fashionable look, here are the latest centerpieces trends: Candles create a romantic and charming ambience in any place; on a dining table you can create a stunning centerpiece using candles in different designs and ways; with or without flowers, surrounded by stones, inside bowl or vase, with sea shells…etc. Fruits can also be a centerpiece; in fact they bring a cheerful and fresh look to the table. Play with fruit colors in order to create a joyful and lively atmosphere. For the arrangement way, you have many choices; match fruits with flowers in a glass vase, place fruit in a long rectangular vase, fruit with candles…etc. Be creative and don’t stop on one idea; there are a lot of ideas and designs for centerpiece, try to make yours according to your taste, your interior style and also according to the season and the occasion.