Today we are going to represent nice collection for living room designed by Lori Dennis, you can find in photos below nice collection for living room. You can find living room its floor made from recycled content and give for room very nice touch, the mixing between three colors brown, light blue and crèmes give the place nice sprit and warmth , this living room also contain very nice comfort sofa with its round pillows that add new look to your living room. You can also find nice coffee table in middle and nice three side tables with different sizes. In other photo for living room you can find how curtain play a nice rule in room with its custom drapery style that allows light and save privacy in same time, you can notice that Solid fabric bottoms sewn to sheer tops give you feeling that ceiling is so high than it is, floor made from bamboo hand-scooped floors, drapery and sofa fabrics are organic, also this living room has an incredible piece called Bubble Chair, it is very fantastic and add playful touch to any room. Also mixing between modern style and traditional style give you fantastic look to your living room by combining antique rugs and modern furniture, it gives you a very contemporary living room. So check photos below and sees the different styles for living room.