When you have nice colorful living room in your house it makes you fresh and with nice mood and it makes you feel that you enjoy time with your friends and family. Floor in any rule play an important rule to give nice look to any room, so when you cover with nice carpet or with grabbing periwinkle rug will add nice touch to any living room. Also walls when it has nice look it add good spirit to your living room especially when it has clever architectural details with nice green rug in floor with nice white sofa and bamboo table in middle give you fantastic living room. You can add nice look and color to your bold living room in easy way by using colored pillows like orange pillows with beige sofa and its give nice touch with icy blue walls. When you have white living room it help you add nice colored touch in easy way such patterned pillows, blue wall art, rustic blue coffee table and antique green chair. So you can find different ideas for colored living room that you can apply it in easy way.