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Small Bathroom
Bathroom And Bath

Small Bathroom: 15 Ideas

A small bathroom doesn’t justify a big mess. Hygiene products, hairdryers, and towels should not clutter up your interior. Put things in order once and for all – and we’ll show you where to start. A small bathroom is a reality familiar to many owners of typical apartments. But the lack of square meters does …

bed under the ceiling

Placing A Bed Under The Ceiling – We Save Space

A bed under the ceiling is an excellent solution for equipping a sleeping place in a small living space, especially if there is no separate bedroom. The space vacated under the bed can be conveniently used to install a sofa, coffee table, children’s play area. You can leave this space free and significantly relieve the …

How To Kitchen

Kitchen 7 sq.m. – Layout Options

Today, using the example of several planning solutions for kitchens with an area of ​​7 sq. M. we will show you how you can beat the situation with maximum benefit. A few general kitchen recommendations For a kitchen of 7 sq.m. furniture (bottom row of cabinets) with a depth of 40-50 cm should be installed. …

children room
Children Room

Purple children room: 20 stunning design ideas

The purple children room is at its peak. Few colors represent elegance and royalty, such as purple and its many lustrous hues. This is the color of emperors of different eras and even in our time, it retains some majesty. According to designers, purple is ideal for a nursery, as it combines some luxury, but, …

Shabby Chic Style
Children Room

Shabby Chic Style In The Children’s Room

Creative children’s rooms are especially popular these days because every parent wants to create a unique room for their child. Choosing a theme and style for a kid’s bedroom is a daunting task, and is often a perfect balance between what the parent wants and what the kid wants, and of course, budget constraints. If …

Home Office
Home Office

Smart And Sleek Mini Home Office Solutions

Finding a place for a mini home office can be very difficult. However, calling on creativity and inspiration to help, any corner can be turned into a study. And the following 15 ideas will make this task easier. Everything in its place When it comes to arranging a home office, the question immediately arises: “Where …