Basement of our houses sometimes we confused to how use it and turn it to something useful, today with Candic Oslon designer you can turn your basement into wonderful place with stunning color palettes and smart layouts. You can create a cozy basement in L-shape with very nice comfort sofa in beige color with nice textured pillows in gold, cream and rust colors, walls can be in buttery yellow color matching with rust grass cloth color to add warmth touch to your basement, also the designer care a lot to add nice spots for basement ceil to give the place shiny look. Also you can create nice basement and comfort one by adding gray sofa with tons of pillows in green, white and brown color that matches with curtains colors in green and white color that located behind your sofa, also you can add beside your sofa nice two green ottomans and a coffee table made of logs and glass, you can also add nice fireplace with sandstone tiles adds classic touch to place. You can paint your basement walls with bright colors like bright blue color and your basement furniture in beige color for your living place combined with simple kitchen also in beige color, with nice floor made from wood with nice rug has different colors. In photos below you can find different styles that you can choose one match your taste.