Setting up a workplace at home is not an easy process. Keeping a house with children in order can sometimes seem like a thankless and endless task. This encourages the use of space for multiple functions at the same time. Teleworking allows parents to work from home and this has the advantage of spending more time with their children. But such decisions bring some discomfort.

Combining the play and work area helps to solve these problems, because this way you can be with your children without interrupting your work. With this concept, you will save space, and more importantly, time!


Color accents

Try using bright colors and patterns in your kid’s room design. Select a place for the play area, place bright strokes there as a background. It’s also a great idea to add rugs and toy baskets. Make the rest of the rooms more discreet.

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Separate zones

You may be spending more time at your desk while your kids are in the play area for a couple of hours. This means that there should be more room in the room to work than play. Regardless of the size of the room, set clear boundaries for each zone.

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Multifunctional furniture

Another option for decorating the space is built-in furniture, which is ideal for the work area and playground. For example, storage baskets, shelves for books, benches with built-in wardrobes and folding tables.

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Typically, each playroom should have several storage cupboards. In a room combined under a work and play area, such items will take up a lot of space. If the built-in shelves are too bulky, then bright boxes from IKEA will come to your rescue.

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Using vertical space

Why not use walls for storage? Instead of decorating the walls, try building a shelving unit and asking the children to furnish it. Magnetic boards will also be a fascinating decor item.

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Creating a space to combine workflows and games is not easy, but fun. In this article, you learned about some interesting ways to organize your workspace. We hope you find our tips helpful.