For people like the combination between red and white colors, today we brought 25 examples styles for living room. Red and white is so interesting combination add very romantic touch and pure air to place, you can have your living room in pure white all of your living room furniture in white with also white curtains for living room window with very simple red touch by nice frame in red color above nice sideboard behind white sofa with black rug in floor. Also you can paint one of your living room in red color and the other in white color with beige furniture for living room make very nice combination with very beautiful low coffee table in white color with nice rug in beige color. Also your white sofa can has nice pillows in red and white color it will add very nice touch to your living room with big coffee table made in glass. For people love red color the can have their living room sofa in red color with also red coffee table in middle to break the sharpness of red color you can paint walls in white color with all these touch you can create a fantastic living room as you dreamed.