Dressing Room

Who among us does not dream of a separate dressing room with a well-thought-out storage system that allows you to use space as efficiently as possible and keep things in order?

But sometimes we have to be content with little and adapt to the prevailing circumstances. Having arranged a general cleaning in the closet and getting rid of unnecessary things, you can start placing what is left (and a lot of things remain) and try to do it beautifully and competently.

Today we will introduce you to 10 great layouts, and we will tell you what must-have elements in an ideal dressing room.

The clothes rails are of sufficient length.

The minimum barbell length for each family member is 120 centimeters. The photo shows a magnificent dressing room with a pronounced masculine character, all components of which are made of solid wenge wood.

Dressing Room

Dressing table in the dressing room.

This light-colored walk-in closet with built-in wardrobes and a makeup area above the dresser looks much more feminine. Sometimes it makes sense to reduce the number of drawers and cabinets to make room for a large mirror and perfume shelves.

Dressing Room

Good lighting for the dressing room.

It is one of the most important components of a perfect dressing room. The bright light allows you to correctly assess your appearance and choose the right outfit, which is difficult in a situation where the closet or dressing room is located far from the windows.

Dressing Room

Vertical volume.

Bars for outerwear must be fixed at a height of at least 160 centimeters from the floor or other elements. Ideally, you can place 2 bars one under the other, with pants and T-shirts hanging on the bottom.

Dressing Room

Mirror in the dressing room.

A full-size mirror is simply necessary in order to adequately assess the compatibility of wardrobe items. In this room, wardrobes are closed by doors with frosted glass, which makes the interior look holistic and neat.

Dressing Room

Decor for the dressing room.

When decorating a dressing room, think of it as a small room that can have its own style and personality. The cute carpet and original wall décor make this interior incredibly charming.

Dressing Room
A place to rest.

At times, trying on clothes can be tedious. Complete the decor with some seating furniture. The built-in bench will be enough for you to comfortably put on shoes or to fold the outfits you rejected.

Built-in upholstered seats and a sparkling chandelier above them make the interior look chic. Anyone will feel like a glamorous person in this dressing room.

Dressing Room

Element of creativity.

You can create your dream walk-in closet in a space that is seemingly not designed for this. An inconvenient loft space with a sloped ceiling is suitable for storing seasonal clothes, tree decorations and old children’s toys.

The owner of this house has intelligently equipped the attic with built-in modules with many cupboards and drawers. A skylight transmits daylight, and white furniture, combined with similar walls, creates the perfect backdrop for a matching outfit.

Dressing Room

Own design.

Ikea’s  System is a budget-conscious homeowner’s dream. It offers a wide variety of components that can be combined to suit your own needs.

Adjustable vertical mounts allow the modules to be installed both inside cabinets and against blank walls.

Dressing Room

All at once.

Another inspiring look that everyone will envy: natural light, exquisite glass shades, and simple laminate flooring make the space of this ingenious dressing room incredibly stylish and by no means cramped.

Dressing Room