functional kitchen design

Do you sometimes stand in the middle of the kitchen and wonder how to make it more functional? Are you tired of walking up and down looking for spices against the backdrop of the kitchen cabinet or bending under the kitchen countertop to retrieve the hand blender hidden deep in the corner cabinet? Are you angry that your kitchen sink is too shallow for large pots? Maybe you are about to renovate your kitchen or are doing a new renovation and want to avoid all these problems? Then heed the advice of our experts, who will help you in the correct organization of the kitchen area.

functional kitchen design

1. Take advantage of storage space.

We have not heard anyone say: “There is too much storage space in my kitchen!”
Most often, there is a rule – the more kitchen cabinets and surfaces you have, the more you fill them. Therefore, when planning a new kitchen or its renovation, do not “save” on space and use every corner. Well-designed cabinets, extra storage nooks, carefully organized drawers and a worktop free of all unnecessary items are the best options for a functional kitchen.

functional kitchen design

2. Add a “magic corner”.

When planning your kitchen, you should carefully consider how to place cabinets and shelves.
Most kitchens are not straight, so we quickly get dead space like corner cabinets.
Although they are a little more expensive, pivoting or pull-out corners with shelves make life easier in your kitchen. Instead of bending over and searching among the pots, they will be pleasantly “delivered” to you from the back of the corner cabinet. It couldn’t be more functional!

functional kitchen design

3. Ideal kitchen sink.

Although there is a dishwasher in almost every home today, the kitchen sink is still an indispensable center of the kitchen. Here we perform washing, slicing, cleaning, defrosting food, adding spices, etc. Therefore, it is very important that the kitchen sink is functional and attractive.

A functional kitchen sink must meet the following conditions:

  • it must be large enough to wash large dishes (the depth of the kitchen sink);
  • made of high-quality material resistant to scratches and impacts;
  • it must provide quick drainage of water;
  • easy to clean;
  • with functional accessories, the kitchen sink becomes much larger – it can become a work surface and a place to store or drain, which you can read in more detail below.

functional kitchen design

4. Waste sorting system instead of a trash can.

Think about trash storage already when planning your kitchen!
Garbage cans, which are somewhere on the edge and always get in the way, spoil the image of many beautiful kitchens.
If possible, plan a kitchen cabinet next to the kitchen waste sink and set up your own separate waste collection station.

functional kitchen design

5. Pull out kitchen cupboards.

How often have you tossed out terminated food since it was covered up in the rear of your kitchen cupboard?

A cabinet for putting away little kitchen things and a flavor cupboard are incredible arrangements. A thin draw-out kitchen cupboard for putting away flavors and food will surely consider an efficient food stockpiling. You will consistently understand what items you have and won’t disregard them. Furthermore, one more tip: keep a flavor bureau close to the oven so the flavors are consistently within reach. It will likewise assist you with improving the nature of your dinners, as you will see flavors and consequently will burn through them all the more frequently.

functional kitchen design

6. Practical embellishments.

In the article, we have underscored a few times how significant a perfect and void kitchen ledge is to a utilitarian kitchen. You have taken out all little domestic devices, hung up cooking wares and kitchen towels, added racks for books, blossoms, and so on, In any case, there are still “unwavering mates” to your kitchen, remaining primed and ready close to the kitchen sink: dishwashing cleanser, wipe, cleanser for hands and a couple of other seemingly insignificant details.

functional kitchen design

7. An open kitchen looks better with worked-in apparatuses.

These days, open spaces are exceptionally famous, where the kitchen persistently streams into the lounge area and front room. To keep the stream in the condo unhindered, kitchens frequently resemble a tremendous wardrobe.

The underlying kitchen units additionally disguise a remarkable dishwasher and cooler. So the view from the lounge room no longer stops at these central focuses, yet rather the sparkly kitchen fixture or unique lighting over the kitchen island you’ve picked so cautiously.

The kitchen looks consistent, clean and doesn’t intrude on the visual progression of the whole living space.

functional kitchen design

8. Conceal all little home devices.

The initial feeling is significant, and all things being equal, an excellent kitchen looks complicated if first the look stops on a ledge loaded with pointless things.

Along these lines, when arranging your kitchen or revamping it, consider where you will store little kitchen machines: food processor, toaster oven, electric flame broil, hand blender, and so forth

On the off chance that it’s not the sort of apparatus worth seeing, it’s ideal to shroud it either in your kitchen cupboard or on a component with racks that you simply close – a smart thought are the roller blinds that are getting more famous in kitchens.

functional kitchen design

9. Great lighting.

Cooking and cleaning the kitchen requires great lighting.

While regular light is obviously vital for making a vibe, a sufficiently bright ledge surface is fundamental for everyday work and in the evening to discover what you need immediately.

Recessed installations can be very costly, so a less expensive option is LED strip that can be introduced under tops or even inside drawers. On the LED strip, you can change the light power, and now and again, the tones.

functional kitchen design

10. Kitchen to arrange.

The World Wide Web can be your companion with regards to kitchen arranging, as you can discover numerous good thoughts and functional tips like the ones you read in this article. Nonetheless, lovely photos of unspoiled kitchens can allure you such a lot that you disregard the helpfulness of the kitchen and, most importantly, that the kitchen is where we cook, invest energy with loved ones, clean, and so on The kitchen ought to be agreeable and all things ought to be within reach. Subsequently, when arranging your kitchen, you should dive into yourself, your propensities and needs, and make a kitchen that will consummately suit every one of your requirements!

functional kitchen design