kitchen hoods design

No matter how the hood for the kitchen is called – an air cleaner or over-plate filter, and the question of choosing this important element of household kitchen appliances is quite acute. Some 15-20 years ago, many of our compatriots planning kitchen renovations would not even think about choosing a hood for a room with a high level of air pollution. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a kitchen space without this necessary device. The issue of choosing an air purifier is especially acute for kitchens combined with a living room, dining room, and sometimes the entire living space of an apartment or a private house. With the growing popularity of the use of open planning in the design of modern homes, the need to install a high-quality and powerful hood has increased significantly.

kitchen hoods design

Criteria for choosing a hood for the kitchen

Regardless of the model, all hoods are designed to purify the air in the kitchen space. This process is carried out in one of two ways:

  • by filtering the air in the room – air is passed through the built-in filters and the purified air is returned to the kitchen space;
  • with exhaust ventilation – polluted air is removed outside the kitchen.

Modern models of kitchen hoods, most often, are equipped with a combined action system – they can perform both types of actions alternately.

kitchen hoods design

Types of kitchen hoods

Traditional (classical)

This is a pendant model that is mounted to the wall above the stove or hob. Sometimes such a hood is located under the top-tier kitchen cabinet. This is one of the most budgetary options for a kitchen air purifier. Manufacturers offer devices with disposable acrylic grease filters. Recirculated air operation requires the installation of charcoal filters to neutralize fine particles. The smell of such devices is only partially removed.


The name speaks for itself – the model is built into the upper cabinet of the kitchen set, located above the stove or hob. As a rule, such hoods are equipped with a pull-out panel that increases the area of ​​the intake of air, which must be cleaned. This option greatly facilitates the management of equipment and increases its productivity. As a rule, such models are equipped with two motors and multi-layer filters that trap grease particles. Built-in appliances do not differ much in price from traditional ones. If you choose between these two options, then it is better to purchase a device that you can build into a hanging cabinet.

Fireplace (dome)

Such models are mounted to the ceiling or wall above the stove or hob. The hood got its name for its resemblance to a chimney (chimney). Such air cleaners come in different variations – all-metal, metal with glass, classic (wood-like). The design of fireplace hoods can be the most creative and suitable for kitchen spaces decorated in a variety of interior styles – from traditional to high-tech.

kitchen hoods design kitchen hoods design

Vertical (oblique)

The difference between such hoods is in the position of the gripper panel in relation to the plate. The hood is positioned vertically or at a slight angle in relation to the cooking surface. Such models help to save useful kitchen space, while not inferior in performance to traditional appliances.

kitchen hoods design kitchen hoods design